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A DISCOURSE ON THE WORSHIP OF PRIAPUS(1786) Its connection with the Mystic Theology of the Ancients. To which is added an essay on the worship of the Generative Powers during the Middle Ages of Western Europe. "Of all the profane rites which belonged to the ancient polytheism, none were more furiously inveighed against by the zealous propagators of the Christian faith, than the obscene ceremonies performed in the worship of Priapus. But the forms and ceremonies of a religion are not always to be understood in their direct and obvious sense; but are to be considered as symbolical representations of some hidden meaning, which may be extremely wise and just, though the symbols themselves, to those who do not know their true significance, may appear in the highest degree absurd." xiv + 254pp.
ISBN: 1 85652 058 7     


THE ENCIRCLED SERPENT A study of Serpent Worship in all countries and ages.   Chapters on The Caduceus; The Serpent and the Tree, Women Serpent Subduers; The Brazen Serpent; The Great Red Dragon, etc. xii + 411pp. 
M. Oldfield Howey. 
ISBN: 1 85652 059 5  


MARRIAGE CEREMONIES AND PRIAPIC RITES in India and the East (1909) by a Member of the Royal Asiatic Society.  107pp.  
ISBN: 1 85652 060 9    


PRIMITIVE SYMBOLISM(1885) As illustrated in Phallic Worship or the Reproductive Principle.  With an Introduction by General Forlong.  70pp.  
Hodder M. Westropp. 
ISBN: 1 85652 061 7    


THE SACRED FIRE(1931)  The Story of Sex in Religion.      In four books: I The Erotic Motive in Primitive Religion.   II  In the Temple of the Gods  The Worship of the Generative Divinities.   III  In the House of the Lord  The Erotic Motives in the Monotheistic Religions of Today.   IV  The Spirit of Revolt in Religion  The Sexual Motive in Sectarianism.   287pp.  
B.Z. Goldberg. 
ISBN: 1 856752  160 5   


SERPENT WORSHIP, AND OTHER ESSAYS(1888)  Chapters on Phallism in Ancient Religions, The Origin of Serpent-Worship, The Adamites, The Descendants of Cain, Totemisn,  etc.  iv + 299pp.              
C. Staniland Wake. 
ISBN: 1 85652 062 5   



"..when you have read the book through, I am certain you will feel like shedding a few tears, as I have done in the writing of it.  The veiling of the recesses of the human heart in the name of modesty may appear a virtue; but it is, to tell the truth, nothing other than fear or hypocrisy...Hoping for a better mankind to be, I have sought to show man as he has been and man as he is today". xiv + 335pp.       

Paulo Mantegazza.
ISBN: 1 85652 063 3    


A SHORT HISTORY OF SEX WORSHIP(1940)  A concise and interesting overview of the subject with chapters on Worship of Fertility, Gods of Egypt, Phallicism in the Bible, The Cult of Venus, India's Phallic Faiths, Sex in Christian History, Sex Symbolism in Religion, etc with bibliography and index. xiii + 222pp.  
H. Cutner. 
ISBN: 1 85652 169 9  



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