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AN ANTHOLOGY OF MYSTICISM(1927)  Arranged under headings such as Absolute, Consciousness, Evolution, Free Will, God and Godhead, Perception, Reason, Self Knowledge, etc this book is a goldmine of insights from many different religious systems and individual mystics.  xii + 305pp.
Compiled by William Kingsland.
ISBN: 1 85652 146 X 


THE CHALDEAN ORACLES Volume 1 Volume VIII of the series `Echoes from the Gnosis`.  91pp.  
G.R.S. Mead.
ISBN: 1 85652 072 2    


THE CHALDEAN ORACLES Volume 11 Volume IX of the series 'Echoes from the Gnosis'.  96pp  
G.R.S. Mead.
ISBN: 1 85652 132 X    


THE DIVINE PYMANDER OF HERMES TRISMEGISTUS(1923) An endeavour to systematize and elucidate The Corpus Hermeticum by the Editors of The Shrine of Wisdom. `The Pymander is a book most choice for the elegance of its language, most weighty for the   abundance of its information, full of grace and propriety, full of wisdom and mysteries. For it contains the profoundest mysteries of the most ancient theology, and the arcana of all philosophy, which things it may not be so much said to contain as to explain..` Cornelius Agrippa.  54pp.  
ISBN: 1 85652 065 X  


THE DOCTRINE OF THE SUBTLE BODY IN WESTERN TRADITION(1920) Here is gathered together from the writings of the Platonists, Neo-Platonists, the authors of the Hermetic Tractates, Porphyry, Damascius, Proclus and other leaders of Hellenistic thought everything they had to say on the subject of the Subtle Body. 109pp.
G.R.S. Mead.
ISBN: 1 85652 083 8 


ESSENES Their History and Doctrines. vi + 82pp.  
Christian D. Ginzburg. 
ISBN: 1 85652 052 8    


FROM RITUAL TO ROMANCE(1920) The archetypal events of the Grail legend are seen as romantic transformations of ancient nature rituals, which have analogues in the myths and rituals of Tammuz and Adonis, Mithra and Attis. There are fascinating excursions into questions of magic, the symbolism of the Tarot cards, and other related subjects. 217pp.
Jessie L. Weston.
ISBN: 1 85652 067 6   


GNOSIS OF THE MIND Volume I of the series `Echoes from the Gnosis`. 69pp.  
G.R.S. Mead. 
ISBN: 1 85652 073 0   



Volume VII of the series 'Echoes from the Gnosis'. 83pp.

G.R.S. Mead.
ISBN: 1 85652 100 1  


GNOSTICISM(1926) Based on lectures  given in the Brahmavidya Ashrama. An examination of the geographically separate but spiritually related pre-Christian elements that entered primitive Christianity and produced the Gnostic schools. Gnosticism is shown to be a synthesis of related truths drawn from Chaldean,Egyptian, Grecian and Hebraic sources and assimilated with the fundamental truths of Christianity.  114pp.  
Mary W. Barrie.
ISBN:1 85652 084 6 



THE GNOSTICS AND THEIR REMAINS, ANCIENT AND MEDIEVAL(1887) In Five parts:  1 Gnosticism and its Sources;  2 The Worship of Mithras and Serapis; 3 Abraxas, Abraxaster and Abraxoid Gems; 4 The Figured Monuments of Gnosticism; 5  Templars, Rosicrucians and Freemasons.  xxii + 466pp.
C.W.King, M.A.
ISBN: 1 85652 053 6


THE GOSPEL OF THE HOLY TWELVE 'The most complete and perfect Life of Christ, and the earliest of all, known as the "Nazarene Gospel" and the "Gospel to the Hebrews" and probably the only authentic Gospel there is, from which the four in the A.V. were taken..., with notes and the "true likeness of Jesus Christ."  227pp.       
ISBN: 1 85652 133 8



"Blind soul!  Arm thyself with the torch of the Mysteries, and in the night of earth shalt thou uncover thy luminous Double, thy Celestial Soul.   Follow this divine guide and let him be thy Genius, for he holds the key of thy lives, both past and to come." If this quote from the Book of the Dead appeals, so will this book.  ix + 117pp.

Edward Schure.
ISBN: 1 85652 054 4   


HYMN OF JESUS(1907) "..bishops and teachers knew not how better to stem this flood of Gnostic writings and their influence among the faithful, than by boldly adopting the most popular narratives from the heretical books, and, after faithfully eliminating the poison of false doctrine, replacing them in this purified form in the hands of the public.  Fortunately some of  this "poison of false doctrine" has been preserved.   Among other things of great beauty for which we are grateful, we especially thank a kindly providence for the preservation of the Hymn of Jesus". Volume IV of the series 'Echoes from the Gnosis'.  83pp.   
ISBN: 1 85652 085 4  


THE HYMNS OF HERMES(1907) "It is of the Hymns of this Thrice Greatest Hermes that I shall treat in the present small volume; hymns that were inspired by the still living tradition of what was best in the wisdom of ancient Egypt, as "philosophised" through minds trained in Greek thought, and set forth in the fair speech of golden-tongued Hellas."  Volume II of the series 'Echoes from the Gnosis'.  84pp.       
ISBN: 1 85652 143 5


THE HYMN OF THE ROBE OF GLORY  Volume X of the series 'Echoes from the Gnosis'.  98pp.  
G.R.S. Mead.
ISBN: 1 85652 086 2   


I AM; THE ASCENT OF MANKIND A very readable overview of the mysteries and the origins of religions. Recommended.    
Eleanor C. Merry. 
ISBN:  1 85652 066 8 


IN THE PRONAOS OF THE TEMPLE OF WISDOM Containing the History of the true and the false Rosicrucians, with an Introduction to the mysteries of the Hermetic Philosophy and an Appendix containing the Principles of the Yoga-Philosophy of the Rosicrucians and Alchemists. Recommmended.   96pp.   
Franz Hartmann, M.D.
ISBN: 1 85652 055 2 


A MITHRAIC RITUAL(1907) Volume VI of the series 'Echoes from the Gnosis'. This Mithraic Ritual introduces us to the innermost rite of the carefully guarded secrets of the Mithraica.  77pp.
G.R.S. Mead. 
ISBN: 1 85652 140 0  


THE MYSTERIES OF ELEUSIS(1932)  Well researched introduction to these revered mysteries. Sections on the Ruins of Eleusis, How the Mysteries were celebrated and what What Ancient Writers have said about Eleusis. Well illustrated.
Georges Meautis.
ISBN: 1 85652 130 3   



Volume V of the series 'Echoes from the Gnosis'. A brief outline of the meagre information we possess on what at one time was the most widely spread mystery institution in the Roman Empire.  90pp.   

G.R.S. Mead.
ISBN: 1 85652 141 9    


THE MYSTICAL THEOLOGY OF DIONYSIUS THE AREOPAGITE With Elucidatory Commentary by The Editors of The Shrine of Wisdom and Poem on The Superessential Radiance of The Divine Darkness by St John of The Cross. 15pp.  
ISBN: 1 85652 128 1  



A Gnostic Miscellany: Being for the most part Extracts from the Books of the Saviour, to which are added excerpts from a cognate literature. The unique MS. of the Coptic Gnostic document commonly called the 'Pistis Sophia' was bought by the British Museum in 1785 and tells the story of Jesus' post resurrectional ministry. lxix + 325pp

G.R.S. Mead.
ISBN: 1 85652 152 4    


QUEST OF THE HOLY GRAIL(1913)  "In the following pages I have endeavoured to give, as clearly and concisely as possible, a description of the literature composing the Grail Cycle, an analysis of its content, and a survey of the leading theories to which this perplexing body of romance has given rise.  x + 162pp.     
Jessie L. Weston. 
ISBN: 1 85652 056 0     


THE ROSICRUCIANS This book speaks of the main documents on which Rosicrucianism stands, the Fama Fraternitatis, the Confession of the Fraternity of R. C., addressed to the learned of Europe, and two years later, The Chemical Marriage of Christian Rosencreutz, anno 1459, their possible authors and the major debate which their publication instigated throughout Europe in the early 17th century. 67pp.
Brothers H.C. and K.M.B.
ISBN: 1 85652 166 4    


SEARCH FOR THE REASON FOR EXISTENCE(1981) A fascinating collection of essays on reincarnation, karma and the possible nature of parallel existences. 33pp. 
LaMura von Boelling. 
ISBN: 1 85652 057 9   


THE SOLAR SYSTEM(1930) The evolution of the solar system and the various life forms that have lived and died as the Logos has developed. Theosophical in approach, it relies heavily on certain works of Leadbeater and Besant. Extremely interesting. xix + 371pp 
A.E. Powell. 
ISBN: 1 85652 037 4      


THE VISION OF ARIDAEUS Volume III of the series 'Echoes from the Gnosis'.  74pp. 
G.R.S. Mead.
ISBN: 1 85652 087 0  


THE WEDDING SONG OF WISDOM  Volume XI of the series 'Echoes of the Gnosis'.  107pp 
G.R.S. Mead.
ISBN: 1 85652 088 9



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