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Scoosh - Angus Shoor Caan

He's house trained yet he's almost feral. He roams his home town like he owns it. He's a gang leader, he knows his own worth, and he won't let you down ...unless of course, you let him down. He's almost fourteen years of age, he's got maybe another year to do at school. He's intelligent enough to go all the way to university but he won't. Already, he's honing his entrepreneurial skills along with a fledgling career as a criminal mastermind. By the way, his best friend and second in command is also his lover. Come on in and join him ...come and join Scoosh but please ...keep your eye on him.

ISBN:  978 185652 1802         8.95


The Discovery of the Dingle Diamond

C.P.R. May

Sacred Sites and Places of Power

Heather Charnley

Why was it that five thousand years ago the Tuatha De Danaan, the mysterious fairy race of Irish mythology, chose to build a massive temple to the Sun and the Earth on the Dingle Peninsula, Ireland's most westerly point?

The Discovery of the Dingle Diamond combines archaeology with legend to reveal the story of the temple. As the author traces the history of the Tuatha De Danaan back through time, he discloses an enigmatic wisdom that touches our very genesis as human beings.


ISBN: 978185652 1789      12.95

In this new book our perception of the past is extended back further than ever before. Using legends from recently translated Sumerian clay tablets, C.P.R. May takes us on a journey to our distant past and our relationship with the Neanderthal race before leading us through 30,000 years of history to the remarkable pattern of a temple in the landscape left by our forebears.

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Sacred Sites and Places of Power is a book where art and healing come together. It takes you on meditative journeys to some of the best known ancient sites in Britain and America. These were recognised by the ancients as places of spiritual power, where the earth's energies were strong.

Our wish to be healed and belief in the sites gives potency not only to ourselves but to all of life.


ISBN: 978185652 1772      12.95


Heather Charnley paints beautiful watercolour images of the energies to be perceived at sacred sites coupled with intimate meditations with which to access this world of colour and light. She is already working on a second book of her experiences.

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