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THE HIGH HISTORY OF THE HOLY GRAAL(1910) From the old French of the first volume of Perceval le Gallois ou le conte du Graal.  xxii + 379pp.   
Trans. Sebastian Evans
ISBN: 1 85652 148 6 


THE HISTORY OF THE FIRST COUNCIL OF NICE(1925) How the Church became organized.  Early debates and arguments on what was acceptable as "true" and "legitimate".  125pp.   
Dean Dudley. 
ISBN: 1 85652 030 7 



HISTORY OF PAGANISM IN CALEDONIA(1884) With an Examination into the Influence of Asiatic Philosophy, and The Gradual Development of Christianity in Pictavia. In three books, this lavishly illustrated large format tome puts forward the idea that Buddhism reached the shores of Pictland and is recorded in the symbols found carved on stones in Northern Scotland. 297pp.     
Thomas A. Wise. 
ISBN: 1 85652 041 2  


THE KNIGHTS TEMPLARS  With chapters on their beliefs, customs, ritual and symbolism, history and persecution this gives a broad insight into the rise and fall of a chivalrous organization reputed to be the spiritual predecessors of the Freemasons and which still captures the imagination today. With copious notes, bibliography and index. 138pp.  
A. Bothwell-Gosse. 
ISBN: 1 85652 167 2   


MILITARY RELIGIOUS ORDERS OF THE MIDDLE AGES(1879) The Hospitallers, The Templars, The Teutonic Knights and others, with an Appendix of other Orders of Knighthood: Legendary, Honorary and Modern.e  xiv + 360pp.  
F.C.Woodhouse, M.A. 
ISBN: 1 85652 031 5   


SHORT HISTORY OF THE ORDER OF SAINT JOHN OF JERUSALEM(1922) From its earliest Foundation in A.D. 1014 to the end of the Great War of A.D. 1914 - 18.  viii + 119pp.   
ISBN: 1 85652 032 3  




Sketches of the Character, Institutions and Customs of the Highlanders of Scotland. A fascinating collection of information about a now vanished culture, their system of clanship, arms, garb, music, tales and poetry. Also a great deal of history concerning the aftermath of the rebellion and the Highland Clearances. With copious appendices.  xv + 396pp.

Major-General David Stewart of Garth.
ISBN: 1 85652 127 3  


SHU KING(1904)  The Chinese Historical Classic, being an Authentic Record of the Religion, Philosophy, Customs and Government of the Chinese from the Earliest Times.  Translated from the Ancient Text, with a Commentary.  xiv + 306pp.            
Walter Gorn Old.
ISBN: 1 85652 033 1


THE STORY OF ATLANTIS(1909) A Geographical, Historical and Ethnological sketch, illustrated by four maps of the world's configuration at different periods.  xiii + 87pp.  
W. Scott-Elliot.
ISBN: 1 85652 144 3


THE TRIAL OF THE TEMPLARS(1928) This history of the Templars charts their downfall in the early 14th century under Philip the Fair and examines the reasons for this in the light of changes within the order and the effect of the ending of the crusades. Index. 94pp.  
E.J. Martin. 
ISBN: 1 85652 168 0 


WILLIAM LILLY'S HISTORY OF HIS LIFE AND TIMES From the year 1602 to 1681, written by himself in the sixty-sixth year of his age, to his worthy friend Elias Ashmole, Esq.(1715).  A famous astrologer's fascinating autobiography.  v + 272`pp.  
ISBN: 1 85652 149 4



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