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THE BOOK OF THE MASTER(1898) or the Egyptian Doctrine of the Light Born of the Virgin Mother. 

"...a comparison of the secret passages and chambers contained in the Great Pyramid, or "Secret House," of Memphis, to which the Egyptians of old gave the title of the "Light," with the secret passages and chambers portrayed in the sacred papyrus describing the "Entrance on Light," which we at the present day call the Book of the Dead but which the Egyptian priests entitled The Book of the Master of the Secret House." xx + 204pp + 33 illustrations.   

W. Marsham Adams
ISBN: 1 85652 020 X


THE HOUSE OF THE HIDDEN PLACES  The purpose of this work is to show that a very intimate correspondence exists between the passage-chambers of the Great Pyramid, and the various stages, upward and downward, traversed, according to the Egyptian Ritual, by the holy dead in passing from the light of earth to the light of eternal day. The Pyramid thus has, as the prime object of its erection, the symbolising of the cardinal features of the old national religion.  xiv + 249pp.  
W. Marsham Adams.
ISBN: 1 85652 021 8


EGYPTIAN BOOK OF THE DEAD AND THE MYSTERIES OF AMENTA `Consider this also O Son, that God hath freely bestowed upon man, above all other living things, these two, to wit, Mind and Speech, or Reason, equal to immortality. These if any man use or employ upon what he ought, he shall  differ nothing from the immortals.` Hermes Trismegistus.  127pp.
Gerald Massey.
ISBN: 1 85652 111 7



The present writer has endeavoured to indicate to the layman the existence of important differences on the nature of the Egyptian religion as outlined by scholars, and to state the arguments on either sidev + 152pp.

F. Winwood Read.
ISBN: 1 85652 022 6


EGYPTIAN SCRIPTURES INTERPRETED "The prime object of the present volume is to show clearly, not only that the scriptures of ancient Egypt are symbolical to a high degree, but also to explain in many cases what that symbolism really means, and the relation it bears to human nature and the origin and growth of the soul."  viii + 152pp.  
ISBN: 1 85652 023 4  


GERALD MASSEY'S LECTURES(1900) Ten long essays on a variety of subjects - The Historical (Jewish) Jesus and the Mythical (Egyptian) Christ; Gnostic and Historic Christianity; Luniolatry: Ancient and Modern;  The Seven Souls of Man, and their Culmination in the Christ, etc.  290pp. 
ISBN: 1 85652 024 2 



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