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CELT, DRUID AND CULDEE(1938) I venture to hope that in these pages it will be found that new light has been thrown on the origin of the Culdees, with whom rests the introduction, propagation, and with their successors, the defence of Apostolic Christianity brought by these first Christians to this land shortly after the Ascension of Our Lord. 168pp.  
 Isabel Hill Elder.
ISBN: 1 85652 126 5


CELTIC RELIGION IN PRE-CHRISTIAN TIMES(1906) The Celts, the chief phases of their civilization, their Religion, Gods and Priesthood.  iv + 68pp. 
 Edward Anwyl.
ISBN: 1 85652 101 X   


CELTIC RESEARCHES ON THE ORIGIN, TRADITION AND LANGUAGE OF THE ANCIENT BRITONS.(1804) With some Introductory Sketches on Primitive Society. lxxiii + 560pp.  
Edward Davies.
ISBN: 1 85652 117 6 


CRITICAL HISTORY OF THE CELTIC RELIGION(1815) Containing an account of the Druids; or the Priests and Judges, of the Vaids, or the Diviners and Physicians; and of the Bards, or the Poets and Heralds, of the Ancient Gauls, Britons, Irish and Scots.   With the History of Abaris, the Hyperborian, Priest of the Sun.  256pp.  
John Toland.
ISBN: 1 85652 014 5 


DRUIDIC TEACHINGS(1934) Outlines Druidic beliefs and includes a collection of triads.  16pp.
 D. Jeffrey Williams.
ISBN: 1 85652 064 1 



A short essay that appeared in "The Platonist" magazine in the 1890's. 37pp. 

ISBN: 1 85652 068 4 


DRUIDISM; THE ANCIENT FAITH OF BRITAIN(1924) Chapters on The Origin of the Druids, Their Creed, Initiatory Ceremonies and Priesthood, Druidism and Magic, Festivals and Customs, etc. iv + 192pp.      
Dudley Wright.
ISBN: 1 85652 015 3 


DRUIDS(1927) "..its main purpose is to provide a complete and well-documented summary of the whole of the pertinent material upon which a study of this subject should properly be based." xiv + 227pp.  
ISBN: 1 85652 016 1


ESSAY ON THE NEODRUIDIC HERESY(1938) "The crudest speculations of Celtic antiquaries have actually found their way into more than one...little is surely time to examine the system to which they belong and endeavour to arrive at something more like reality.  This attempt may encourage others to do more". 151pp.      
 Algernon Herbert.
ISBN: 1 85652 110 9 


FLAMING DOOR(1936) A Preliminary Study of the Mission of the Celtic Folk-Soul by means of Legends and Myths.  "All myths and legends are like a shimmering veil of many colours, stirred now and then by the wind of our desires, but still hiding from most of us that Council of the Wise seated at the Round Table of the Stars, who once painted on the moving veil the bright pictures of fairy-tale and myth with the breath of their immortal Words.  But between us and them lies the gulf of our arrogance and the mists of our unbelief....'we are like dwarfs who have climbed on to the shoulders of giants so that we may see more than they and further; but not because of thesharpness of our own eyesight or the tallness of our stature, because we have been lifted up and exalted by the greatness of the giants'." 288pp.  
Eleanor C, Merry. 
ISBN: 1 85652 017 X   


MYTHOLOGY AND RITES OF THE BRITISH DRUIDS(1809) Ascertained by National Documents; and compared with the General Traditions and Customs of Heathenism, as illustrated by the most eminent Antiquaries of our Age. With an Appendix, containing Ancient Poems and Extracts, with some Remarks on Ancient British Coins.  674pp.
Edward Davies.
ISBN: 1 85652 018 8 


THE PHILOSOPHY OF ANCIENT BRITAIN(1927) 'Unlike our modern idea, the Druid's conception of religion embraced the pursuit of all branches of knowledge. The study and teaching of natural and moralphilosophy to which, according to the testimony of ancient historians, they devoted themselves was an essential part of their religious life.'  xv + 277pp
Sir John Daniel. 
ISBN: 1 85652 139 7


VEIL OF ISIS, or MYSTERIES OF THE DRUIDS  "There is no study so saddening, and none so sublime as that of the early religions of mankind....Religion is divine, but its ministers are men. And alas, sometimes they are demons with the faces and wings of angels. The simplicity of men and the cunning of their preists has destoyed or corrupted all the religions of the world."  253pp.  
W. Winwood Reade.  
ISBN: 1 85652 019 6   







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